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Treat Time Just Got  Healthier

Go ahead and spoil them!  Drool Whip is a superfood

dog treat made with only 6 healthy, human-grade ingredients. Pamper them with something delicious while keeping it nutritious.  

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Oral Health

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Digestive Support


Sensitive tummy, no problem. Drool Whip supports a healthy digestive system.

No need to buy a supplement. Drool Whip is loaded with prebiotics and probiotics for a balanced belly. 

Say goodbye to doggy breath! Our formula promotes healthy gums and teeth. 

Welcome to Twister's Cafe

About Me
About Us

At Twister's Cafe, we believe that every tail wag deserves the best.

Our newest product, Drool Whip, was crafted by a canine nutritionist and perfected by a dairy scientist. With just six simple ingredients, we’ve created a treat that supports your furry companion’s digestive health and keeps those pearly whites shining. It’s versatile too! Mix it with whipping cream for a healthy pup cup or stir it into Greek yogurt for a special snack. For an extra-long-lasting treat, try it with a lick mat. Your fur babies will thank you!


Coconut Oil




Yucca Root


Our Official Taste-Testers

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How To Make Drool Whip

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For A Pup Cup
Makes 10 Servings
-1/2 L Nitrous Oxide Cannister
-1 pint heavy whipping cream
-1 tablespoon  Drool Whip powder

Drool Whip is a treat with a recommended serving portion of 4 ounces. Dog parents should limit their furry friends to no more than (2) 4 ounce servings per day.  Store unopened Drool Whip pouches at room temperature in a cool dry place.  After opening Drool Whip pouch, reseal and refrigerate.
For A Yogurt Mix-In
Makes 1 Serving
-8 ounces Greek yogurt 
-1 tablespoon Drool Whip powder per 25 lbs. dog weight
Serve up twice daily  between meals on lick pad, stuffed toy, or dish. 

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Our Story

Our Story

Twister's Café was named in honor of our rescue Airedale Terrier, Mr. Twister.

I started making frozen treats 20 years ago for our Airedales using healthy, whole-food ingredients and the kitchen blender. Today, our team of dog lovers have created a simpler way to share my original goodies, with Twister's line of blendable, superfood pet treats. Superfoold

Twister's latest creation is Drool Whip™, a superfood creamer for dogs. Ten years ago,  Laird Hamilton launched the superfood creamer category for humans, which proliferated throughout the coffee industry.  I figured our furry companions are worthy of the same health benefits dog parents enjoy with their coffee house drinks.


Drool Whip was formulated by a canine nutritionist, and refined by a dairy scientist. Just 6 simple ingredients to support your furry friend's digestive and oral health. 

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