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Taurine | Yucca Root | Turmeric | Coconut Oil | Cinnamon | Pre-Probiotics

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Drool Whip supports ORAL HEALTH

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Pre-Probiotics for DIGESTIVE HEALTH

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Healthy Dog Parents LOVE IT!

300 Happy Dog Servings In Every Pouch


Serving Drool Whip is Profitable

Drool Whip will be your SUPERDOG TREAT alternative. Start attracting health conscious dog parents away

from the competition to become your regular customers. Drool Whip becomes tail-wagging and healthy fun for the whole service area - BE THE BARK OF YOUR BLOCK!

  • Free shipping for orders over $99

  • COGS = $0.07 / 4 ounce serving

  • Your branded cup will pop with Drool Whip

  • Great upsell with a plated Amai edible cup 

Drool Whip Supports Oral Health

Pre-Probiotics for Digestive Health

Healthy Dog Parents Love It!

Drool Whip is for SUPERDOGS

"Ruby" - Barista in Training

"Cooper" - Taster in Training

Making Drool Whip is Easy

Drool Whip is a treat with a recommended serving portion of 4 ounces. Dog parents and serving staff should limit their furry friends to no more than (2) 4 ounce servings per day.  Store unopened Drool Whip pouches at room temperature in a cool dry place.  After opening Drool Whip pouch, reseal and refrigerate.

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Twister's Café, Inc is seeking intellectual property protections for its technology and recipes in support of its products.

Our Story

Twister's Café was named in honor of our rescue Airedale Terrier, Mr. Twister.

I started making frozen treats 20 years ago for our Airedales using healthy, whole-food ingredients and the kitchen blender. Today, our team of dog lovers have created a simpler way to share my original goodies, with Twister's line of blendable, superfood pet treats.

Superfoods for Superdogs!

Twister's latest creation is Drool Whip™, a superfood creamer for dogs. Ten years ago,  Laird Hamilton launched the superfood creamer category for humans, which proliferated throughout the coffee industry.  I figured our furry companions are worthy of the same health benefits dog parents enjoy with their coffee house drinks.


Drool Whip was formulated by a canine nutritionist, and refined by a dairy scientist. Just 6 simple ingredients to support your furry friend's digestive and oral health. Coffee shops serving Drool Whip will be making dog parents feel good about that "pup cup" for it to become a daily, and HEALTHY, indulgence.

If your coffee shop is not serving Drool Whip, please share my website with the team, so Twister's team can Whip Up the patio and drive-thru for your furry customers.

Tom Straw


Drool Whip in the news

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